3 Reasons why Man United are Underperforming at the Moment


Man United were top of the Premier League table before a run of poor results saw Man City overtake them. They are currently second on 50 points while Guardiola's side has 65 points.

These are the three reasons that has seen them under perform in the Premier League.

1. Too much dependence on one player.

Man United has been depending on Bruno Fernandes to provide assists, create chances and score goals. The Portugal international has 10 assists and 15 goals so far. When he is not in his best form, the whole team does not play well.

2. Injury to Paul Pogba.

Injury to the 2018 World Cup winner has seen Man United become less dominant in the midfield. He had formed a greater understanding with Bruno Fernandes in the midfield as well as going forward.

3. Lack of creativity.

Other than the whole teamwork and the presence of Rashford and Greenwood or Martial, the team lacks creativity at the moment.

Pogba has been key in providing the defence splitting pass but his absence means there is no creativity in the team.

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