Man who spent over R1 million on tattoos says bum was ‘sensitive’ [photos]

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Alledly, a chef from Canada named Remy Schofield has inked almost his entire body and shared some details about the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo. He sayd that his most sensitive part of the body is the bum.

So let's be honest he probably has had many cover up tattoos, under the blackout there was definitely others. I would be more impressed if I saw the original tattoos. Blackout should not be that expensive.

What tattoos, he just colored his his body black. When is he doing his face and head because the project is 95% complete.

He obviously has deep rooted insecurities. Lost soul thats it something he will regret big time, its really the end of times when human beings want to look like creatures. Clearly he has so much money he doesn't know what to do with.What a waste of good money, time and energy?

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