Slap against France President: the aggressor sentenced to 4 months with a committal warrant


Damien Tarel was found guilty of the facts by a jury at his first appearance on Thursday. He was given an 18-month sentence, with 14 of those months suspended.

28-year-old Damien Tarel, the aggressor of Emmanuel Macron, was presented Thursday morning before the public prosecutor with a view to his immediate appearance that afternoon, for "violence without incapacity on any person responsible for the public authority, ”the public prosecutor Alex Perrin said in a statement.

The "slap" acknowledged the facts and asked that he be tried right away. When asked why he didn't file a complaint, Emmanuel Macron told BFMTV that he wanted to " relativize " the situation: " Let's not make this idiotic and violent conduct say more than we should have him say," he said. "Don't trivialize anything," the president added, even if "it's okay to get a slap when you walk to a crowd."

Damien Tarel was found guilty of the facts after 45 minutes of deliberation. He was sentenced to 18 months in jail with a committal warrant, including 14 months with a two-year probationary period, three years of civil rights deprivation, a five-year prohibition on possessing weapons, and a requirement to obtain psychological treatment. This decision turned out to be less harsh than what had been expected.