A heartbreaking reality as a mother lost all her three children at once

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It is heartbreaking for parents to deal with the loss of their children. There is a saying that children are supposed to be the ones who bury their parents, and not the other way around. This is because it is thought that children should have a chance to grow up .

However , it will not be the case for Elma Nyakena , a mother of three. This is because she is the one who will have to bury her three children who died as a result of a blaze that hit their structures. The three reportedly lost their lives on Saturday morning in Cape Town's Wesbank .

Although the cause of the fire may not be clear , it was alleged that the incident took place during load shedding. The heartbroken mother lost a nine year old and four year old . The third one would have been year old in a week .

The residents were left devastated as they also lost their belongings because of the fire. Although the belongings can be replaced, nothing can bring back the three young souls that were lost . The mother said that she had lost the precious souls which gave her a reason to live.

How is she going to cope with this devastating loss? Although counseling is one of the things she will need the most, it is going to be a challenge for her to be normal again. Losing three young souls in such a painful manner is every mother's nightmare. It is hard to deal with a single death , and losing three must be devastating. 

May she find the strength  hold on at such a hard time in her life . May the three children's souls rest in peace .

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