5 Things That Aren't Worth it in Life


Life is complicated and we complicate it even more with choices, decisions, sometimes actions and inactions. But we do things that are not worth it in life or in the long run. Everybody has their own journey and it's beyond important to realize that you’ll only do this once.

Your clock is ticking and at some point, you'll reach the finish line. There probably won't be a start over no matter how hard we wish there was, so why do people settle for less? Why do people make choices that’ll not lead them to a fulfilling life? Read on to find out 5 things that are not worth it in life.

1. Being Fake

Pretending you're someone you're not; acting differently than you would want to act is only digging you deeper within the hole you already are. Your life is not about how other people see you but about yourself, about your pursuit of happiness and personal success. It takes the same amount of work to fake it as it does to put in the work and actually become it. So why wouldn't you go for the real thing? Why do you care about the illusion of happiness versus the real deal?

2. Waiting for the Perfect Time or Opportunity

For some reason, people think that somewhere in the future there's going to be a time when all the planets align, every door will open, everything will be perfect and they're just going to walk into the life of their dreams. Sounds beautiful right? Well, wake up because it ain't ever gonna happen like that. The best time to do something is today; the sooner you do it, the sooner you get to enjoy the benefits of having it done.

3. Holding Grudges

Do you know what else isn't worth it? Ruining relationships with people you care about over stupid stuff that doesn't really matter. It's your pride, ego that’s stopping you from admitting you were wrong, and it's the same pride and ego that doesn't allow you to forgive someone who wronged you. Even family relationships get ruined; people not talking to one another over the most meaningless of things if you were to look at the big picture. Don’t allow your emotions to manipulate your fate by clouding your judgment. Sometimes, it's better to be at peace with yourself than to be right.

4. Mediocrity

Living a life of mediocrity simply isn't worth it. When you can actually have the option to be better than that, people choose to settle for less than their potential. Mediocrity is a sin and you should treat it as such; you've been blessed with this incredible life filled with opportunity and potential and what do you do you throw it all away and get lost by fitting in. Your biggest fear in life should be ending up like everybody else. You can be more than them.

5. Living the Life Other People Expect You to Live

It's heartbreaking to see someone living a life others have chosen for them; either their parents, their environment or their partners. Unhappy people live seemingly happy lives because that's what others think a happy life looks like despite them being truly unhappy. We value too much what other people think of us, we value too much the expectations other people have for us but each of us has our own. Your parents had their life to live and you have your life. What makes us happy isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's how it should be.

I hope this article has opened your eyes a bit about some of the choices you're making in life right now and hopefully it has provided some valuable guidance.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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