Akothee Slams Photographers For Not Shooting Photos Of Her Chopper During Luo Festival

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Akothee is one of the top female artists producing amazing musical skills showcased in the entertainment industry. Her biographical background reveals that she's a mother of five kids i.e three daughters and two sons living in France with their dad. At the moment the luo lady is also married to Nelly Oaks a popular businessman. 

Over the weekend we had a grand occasion held by the luo community as a end of the year festival. It was an event attended by top dignitaries from the music industry representing the luos. The guest of honor was Raila alias Baba and Jalas was the organizer in association with other members. 

Akothee was among the artists invited to perform live on stage thus she had to get ready though she had a health complication. In readiness for the day, Akoth showed up in an expensive style. A lavish private jet was the means of transport she used to travel. Upon arrival she was received by bodyguards who guided her to the stage venue. 

However today Akothee has complained that the photographers she had in the chopper didn't do their work well. The female artist says that she doesn't have any photo of that plane yet she hosted the photographers. Thus she has asked the concerned subjects to stop faking the luo festival making it inexistent for not taking nice photos of her chopper. 

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