"God Sent Me To Prison For A Special Assignment" -Prophet Genesis Reveals After 5months Imprisonment

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Five months ago, Justice of the Lagos State High Court Abuja sentenced popular Lagos-based clergyman, Prophet Israel Ogundipe aka Israel Genesis, for fraud. Ogundipe, who is the Shepherd-in-Charge of Celestial Church of Christ Global Genesis parish, was arraigned before the court following a petition filed by a UK-based architect, Mrs Olaide Williams-Oni, who accused him of obtaining a total of N17m from her with the promise to help her procure some landed properties.

Speaking in a viral video, after gaining his freedom Prophet Genesis reveals he knows he was going to end up in prison even before he went there, and God is the one who sent him there for a special assignment.

Here is everything Prophet Genesis said in the video:

"I'll tell you this, it's always a very common thing we hear that, it is not bad for you to start afresh, for real, but trust me, I'm not starting afresh. I'm starting from experience. I can't come down, if you see me bend down it's my car key that I picked up. I know what I'm talking about because while I was not around, testimonies never stopped happening. I was in the wilderness and our members will go to the registry and they will come to where I was and I'll bless them. So, I was able to bless about three of four families. And they said, "Papa, you're locked in the wilderness but we know your life is full of wonders. So, we know if we visit you in the wilderness, wonders will happen to us" and I blessed them. One of them now is in America. I've got a lot of people who came there to show me their visas and I thank God, for in there I wasn't useless and when I wanted to step out, they started feeling me so hard and to the glory of God.

I didn't go to prison, I was sent there on an assignment by God because my work is like a soldier who the Major General will say, I'm transferring you to Abeokuta and I want you to go and handle special assignment, that's who I am and my IG who is God said, "You know what, there are a lot of people crying somewhere who needed help, who needed prayer, who needed touch, who needed helpers" and God said, "I'm going to make you go there and in there, I'm going to bless you." Who am I to say no. I remember saying so many times that I see myself going to prison, how many of you remember? My wife said you are crazy and yes, it's not normal to tell your wife you are going to prison. I said then that a time is coming when I will go to the prison to preach, and when I got in there my joy is that God made me a solution to many peoples problem, that's my joy."

Here is the link to the video:


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