"Don't Insult Those In Power, " Karua Wans Politicians Against Violence During Campaigns

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In most occasions politics have been a dirty game,full of insults and abusive language.This has been the mechanism most of the top leaders are using so as to paint those who are in the offices negatively with an aim of winning the hearts of the citizens.Martha Karua have again have been on the forefront to warned leaders against using vulgar language during their political rallies against those who are in the offices.

During her Nakuru county tour,Karua criticizes leaders against using vulgar language and hurling insults at those in power,with a view of getting the mileage.Feareless Karua ponted out that disrespecting a sitting president or governor while seeking the same position can easily turn and happened to the same leaders when they step into the office after the Augast General election.Karua statement look as away of defending president uhuru Kenyatta from Public abuses by their competitors from the other camp.Karua ,while addressing Nakuru Residents on Saturday pointed out in Swahili language,"Mambo ya Fujo na matusi tumekatee,ukitaka urais ,lazima uheshimu rais aliyopo.Mkosoe ,lakini kwa njia ya heshima ndivyo wewe ukiingia tuweze kukuheshimu." Said Karua.

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