Find out how all Christians are blindly following the teachings of the Catholic Church


With over 2000 years in existence, the Catholic Church is the oldest church in the world. With much experience over the years, one would have thought that other christian denominations would emulate it.

However this is not the case. A lot of Christians and indeed non Christians mostly criticise the church because of some of its teachings and practises which are seen as odd to them.

They however tend to blindly follow some of its teachings and practices. Some of these are

1. Christians celebrate Easter on the date determined by the Catholic Church.

2. Most public holidays around the world are based on feast days in the Catholic calendar.

3. The most widely used calendar in the world, the Gregorian Calendar, was introduced by a Catholic Pope.

4. The scriptural book of Christians, the Bible, was compiled by the Catholic Church.

5. Most Christians worship on Sunday, the day of the Lord, in the Catholic Church.

How can you criticise someone but use its practices in critical aspects of your worship. Christians should therefore stop criticising the church and be rather thankful to it without whose help Christianity would not have survived.