" The DNA test came through, I'm not the biological father "

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A Man on Facebook is heartbroken after finding out that the little girl he has been taking care of for all these years is not his biological daughter. Michael Mokoena has been taking care of the four year old little girl since birth.

" The DNA test came through and I'm not the biological father. I will be fine." He cried.

People are saying that DNA test should be compulsory to avoid what happened to Michael. They are saying there are so many men bonding with and taking care of kids that are not theirs.

"Can't our government do something about this. It should be criminalized, Or just because it's done only to men, it's ok?A man must just move and heal?" Said Vuyo Hiya.

" There’s nothing stopping any man from taking legal action against such an atrocity. You can sue for pain and suffering and for undue enrichment or whatever." Said LollyNkungwane.



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