Ruto Loses His Cool And Commands An Aspiring MP Who Lectured Him Publicly For Failed Promises(Video)

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Ruto and his new ally Musalia Mudavadi today visited the county of Bungoma for their campaigns. They made a stop over on Kapsokwony in Mt Elgon Constituency and addressed the people. However, something happened that forced Ruto to lose his patience and shout at an aspiring MP who boldly attacked him in front of the people.

Allan Chemaget lectured the second in command in front of the residents of Mt Elgon telling him he had failed to fulfill the promises he had made to the people. His remarks ashamed the second in command and the crowd was heard chanting. This made the rally to be chaotic and order was lost.

Allan slammed the DP by telling him that he had promised the people of his constituency that he will make them a medical training college (KMTC) but has never fulfilled his promise. "Ulisema utajenga KMTC lakini hukujenga," he said.

This remark elicited the mood of the people who immediately turned chaotic. Overpowered by the humiliation, Ruto commanded the people to keep quite and also making the MP end his speech.

"My friend imetosha," Ruto said. Watch the full video in the link below; (Time 1:00 forward). Remember to follow the page for more news updates daily.

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