Reason Why Raila Odinga is Insisting on Using Manual Register Alleged

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With one month left until the general election is conducted in the country, the move to Succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta is urgently approaching every day, and it is clear that the presidential election is drawing attention. 

Kenya's Independent Elections and Boundary Commissions recently met with presidential candidates to discuss important issues prior to the elections. 

Azimio's presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, said today that elections will not take place unless IEBC uses a manual electoral list. Iebc has already announced the use of electronic electoral rolls, a move opposed by the former Prime Minister. 

Famous lawyer Ahmed Nasir Abdullahhi said through his official Twitter account that Raila Odinga plans to hold a presidential election using a manual electoral list tonight. In summary, this happens after the Raila Odinga camp favours the manual electoral rolls and the William Ruto's camp favours the electronic electoral rolls.

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