Pompe Magufuli says those who sell our documents such as passports, IDs and marriages are traitors

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I still repeat Home Affairs officials who sell our documents such as passports, IDs, PR, Naturalization, Visas, and Marriages deserve to be declared traitors. If we had death penalty we were supposed to give them such sentence. They are public enemy number one to us. Our community leaders are fighting this, and they tell them that they are vigilante and dangerous. I just can't swallow that, have often asked myself. What drives them, greed or ignorance? I wonder if a “patriotism” module as part of their induction / continuous training would help. We also need an organizational culture change in our Institutions. 100% behind those sentiments. Yep - as a commonwealth country we have to get an expensive visa to visit UK, thanks to them, 

Someone said on Twitter that, They must forfeit their pension funds @CyrilRamaphosa, exactly. No patriotism, this is treasonous. If the push by Dudula for death penalty on those accused of HA paperwork could also be exerted on those killing our women and children daily and racists, to movement would gain relevance.

You are irrelevant. It is not Dudula responsibility to deal with issues of women and racism. Dudula was formed for the task of dealing with illegal immigrants. Does Nhlanhla know you are busy telling people that rape and killings of women and children issues are not part of the movement? 

I can understand you movement's position on whites and racism, But it's an insult to prioritize street vendors over GBV pandemic in SA. I don't give a damn about your anger. Why are you not starting your movement to concentrate on such issue? Why do you have a problem with Nhlanhla fighting illegal immigrants? You are one of them? We will not stop fighting illegal immigrants until they are out of SA. Treason should be the charge which must be equated to death penalty without being given a chance for last words. 




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