Mixed Reactions As Man Says That Some Mother In-laws Are The Problems Of Today's Marriages


A man who has the following Facebook username - Kelvin HB Mastermind has after some moment of thoughts within himself openly expressed in a Facebook Group that, one set of people who are responsible for the problem of today's marriages are Mother In-laws.

The man's assertion reminded me of a particular wish that some ladies do have when it comes to accepting a man for marriage. I have stumbled on single ladies who had wished to marry men whose mothers are already dead. I didn't understand why they have such uncommon wish until I saw the post made by Kelvin. It is true that death is not something that anyone would wish for his/her friends, well wishers, and loved ones but before a lady would have the wish of marrying a motherless man, something must be fishy.

If the whole truth should be said, left for most Father In-laws, married ladies won't have any issue with their marriages because, the Father In-laws ( FILs ) hardly have the time to meddle into the affairs of their married children, unlike some mother In-laws who would want to know every little thing that takes place in their children's marriage.

The influence of women in the lives of most of their children cannot be overemphasized, most especially children that are mother's "boy" or "girl". That is why most single people (most especially ladies) wouldn't want to marry a man whose mothers do not love and accept them for their sons with open arms because, the Mother In-laws (MILs) can make the marriage unbearable for them.

One may not know how overprotective the mother of a man(for instance) is until a lady that marries their son is yet to give birth to a child after years of marriage. Most mothers would practically turn the matrimonial home of the man upside down, which most times would result to names - calling and overreaction. Some would even go to the extra length of calling the lady a " man" just to make her feel awful.

According to the man, he said that if we should be sincere with ourselves, we we realize that some mother In-laws are the problems of today's marriages. "Truth be told, some mother In-laws are problems of today's marriage"

The post ended up producing some mixed reactions from some of the group's members.

Read some of them below:

Let's put sentiments aside. Do you agree with what the man said about some mother In-laws as some of the comments suggest? Tell us your side of the post. If you are a married person, you can also share your experience with your mother In-laws with us in the comment box.

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