Check Out How To Plan A Wedding On A Limited Budget In Ghana


Let’s get this straight, a wedding is about getting joined in holy matrimony with the one you love; not the showing of of extravagance. Once this is clear, you set yourself up on making the right decisions on the road to your wedding day. Plan a simple weddingand you are guaranteed to save some money which will help you start your married life on a good note.

Here are some simple options you can make and still have the wedding ceremony that will linger in the minds of people.

Wedding Planners in Ghana

The first step on how to plan a Ghanaian wedding is to get a wedding planner. And before you start thinking of agencies that will reap you off, take time and go through your contacts list on your phone. Do you remember your aunt who was crazy about organizing an end of year party? What about your sister who just had a wedding? What about that loud mouthed friend of yours who always chirps ideas on some amazing wedding plan? The idea here is to save on the costs of hiring a professional wedding planner who will probably do the same job as the contacts on your phone. You can also put a team of the selected friends and families together and hand them a budget estimate. Remember, they are your family, and they can try and work with anything you’ve got.

Wedding Dresses

You are probably thinking, “What type of dress will I wear on the wedding day?” Well, it doesn’t have to be the expensive one you saw while window shopping. What about the dress your mother wore to her wedding? Oh, you are thinking that it is outdated and out-fashioned, right?. Well, it is not always the case. You can take it to the tailor and have more embroidery added, with the latest Ghanaian wedding dress styles and stitches to cover up the patches. In a matter of hours, it would be looking brand new. You can also choose to hire a Ghanaian weddings gown for the D-day. There are many businesses in Ghana that hire out some of the wedding gowns to the couple to complete their dreams. It is cost efficient and you can rent it out for a couple of hours before you jump into that sexy dress as you head for the honeymoon. You can choose from a wide array of different traditional Ghanaian wedding gowns that suit and blend in with your persona. With a good bargaining power, you can land on a good deal.

Wedding Guest Dresses

It goes without saying that the bridesmaids have to adorn a matching outfit that will be full of pomp and color. Since it is a close tighten affair, you can agree with the chosen bridesmaids to each contribute to the purchase of the dresses. You can also make a wedding theme, for example, a green affair to show your love and care for environmentalism. Also guests that made the list can also be advised before the wedding to pick out outfits that go with the theme. They can play around and show their creativity when it comes to the different designs in the Ghanaian African wear for engagement.