A Woman Reveals How She Could Hide In The Toilet To Take Her ARV Drugs So No One Would Suspect Her.

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A lady by the name Sarah obviously not her real names has decided to come out and give a testimony about her life after HIV diagnosis. The woman was speaking in a live Interview with one of the Media stations.

The woman revealed about how her HIV diagnosis came as a shock to her as she didn't expect she would turn out positive. The woman Revealed about how she started experiencing frequent headaches with loss of appetite. In fact the woman revealed that she was very sure that she was suffering from Malaria because of the joint aches she experiences. However the malaria test in the hospital turned negative. However the physician requested for a HIV test which turned out positive.

The woman Revealed about how she was enrolled for ARVs and said that she never disclosed her status to anyone. The woman talked about how she used to hide her ARVS so that no one would suspect she is sick. In fact she said that she used to take her ARVS in the Toilet using the water which one flushes after using the toilet. This is because she really feared stigmatization. See Screenshots of the Interview below.

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