How The Nigerian Military Troop Outsmarted 3 Criminals And Brought Them To The Threshold Of Shame

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According to a report from HQ Nigerian Army, troops of Sector 2 Joint Task Force North East Operation HADIN KAI (OPHK) have arrested a high profile Boko Haram member and raided Boko Haram Improvised Explosive Devices materials hub in Damboa and Gashua Local Government Areas of Borno and Yobe States respectively.

These operational feats were recorded following robust operations conducted by troops of OPHK. Following a tip, off, a wanted BH/ISWAP terrorist, one Yawi Modu, who has been on the wanted list was nabbed along Damboa-Wajiroko road.

Relatedly, troops have successfully busted a Urea Fertilizer syndicate known for supplying terrorists with IED materials. The market is believed to be the notorious hub for IED materials for BHT/ISWAP.

These ISWAP criminals facing the reality of obvious depletion are desperately acquiring IED materials to make explosive devices with which to unleash terror on innocent civilians, in a bid to remain relevant and present a posture of potency.

In the sting operation conducted, a total of 280 Kg bags of Urea were recovered from the warehouses in the market and two notorious Boko Haram terrorist distributors were also arrested.

Recall that Urea fertilizer has been banned by Government because it is used as a major component for manufacturing IEDs by terrorists. The suspects and materials recovered are currently undergoing preliminary investigation.

These Boko Haram terrorists have been causing havoc in the country for more than a decade, they have sworn to make the government of former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the current president, Muhammadu Buhari ungovernable.

They forgot so soon that nemesis would catch up with them someday. Every day is for the thief, one day is for the owner. Anybody that murders sleep, shall never see sleep. These terrorists are reaping the fruit they sowed.

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