Here are 10 Horrifying Facts That Might Haunt Your Dreams.


Here are 10 Horrifying facts about random things that might haunt your dreams.

1. Dolphins sometimes bite the head of a fish and mansturbate into the decapitated body.

2. Your Skeletons and bones are wet.

3. If you on Incognito mode, Wi-Fi routers still keep logs of the website you visit which the owner can check at anytime.

4. Scorpions can hold their breath under water for 6 hours so drowning one can't save you.

5. Kangaroos have three Vi*ginas

6. There have been quite a few incidence of men taking a piss of the Grand Canyon only to lose balance and fall to their death.

7. Crocodiles are capable of galloping similar to a horse.

8. When a person dies their can be extreme gas build up in a person's body that can make the dead body sit up.

9. There will be a time were somebody or some people will mention your name for the last time and they won't mention it again.

10. Ducks Cannibalize themselves when they are bored, that is they eat each other when they filled with boredom.

Which of these facts was the most disturbing to you.


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