Sad Story Of The 5 Brothers Who Have Never Walked Since Birth


Life has a way of treating everyone. We have been made to believe that God created heaven and earth and everything therein. Even though human beings are part of God’s creation, God in his own wisdom designed us to be fruitful and multiply but everyone is born different. Whilst some persons are born with disabilities, others are not.

Even though life is full of challenges, people born with disabilities endure more pain. This has been the life of these five siblings for the past years. As I watch them and listen to their story, there was nothing I could do than to shed tears. It’s indeed a sad story to read. David, Fred, Isaac, Benjamin, and Emmanuel are their names and live at Sunyani in the Bono Region of Ghana, a community known as Area Two.

The youngest among them is Emmanuel who is twenty-eight years with forty-one-year-old David being the elders. Their mother, unfortunately, died about twenty years ago. This was after she had given birth to four big boys but each of them could not walk. She had to spend most of her time taking care of them. Almost everything about them requires the assistance of someone. Even though it’s a difficult task, their mother never gave up taking care of her sons until she passed one day.

The life of the young disabled brothers became stale, their father who is supposed to assist the situation had left home and there seems to be no hope of his return anytime soon. The fact is that they are not aware of the whereabouts of their father. They had a wheelchair that was being used to assist them in their movement but it is no more functional. A sister to their mother has sacrificed her time to take care of them but life has not been easy.

The sad aspect of their life is that the woman is unable to feed them three times a day and that is a huge challenge. Even though she at times receives support from people it has not been regular. They have become friends and siblings at the same time. They chat among themselves and share life stories.

They did not create their current circumstances and measures should have been put in place by the central government to ensure their wellbeing. They could have been in a better situation if proper medical attention was offered to them soon after birth. There is an allocation from the national budget for persons with disabilities in Ghana but unfortunately, these five siblings have not been major beneficiaries.

I think the time has come for the entire country to take a second look at how children born with disabilities will have proper and if possible, free health care to find a solution to their ailment before they grow.  


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