10 Dark lessons that life has shown us

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When we reach eighteen, we are starry eyed with big dreams and looking forward for a good life. But life comes around and knocks us down and we realise we're among billions of ordinary people who are just trying to get by. Some of these experiences are pretty dark. Let's explore the lessons life has taught us.

1. You're not as unique as you think you are. Anyone can be replaced.

2. There are no real friends in the work place, we go to work for the company in order to make money not friends.

3. Good people may not necessarily get good rewards. On the contrary many bad people may live very well.

4. Most people have extremely weak willpower. They lack patience and cannot endure hardships.

5. Entrepreneurship is the best way to change life in any era. Having a business can improve your life.

6. Reading books is the fastest way to improve one's thinking ability, but practicing the knowledge from the book is more important.

7. A leopard can't change its spots. Do not believe what others say they will change.

8. People who do things in perseverance are more likely to be successful in love and careers.

9. Life is a constant process of becoming mediocre. 80% of people cannot achieve their life goals no matter how hard they work.

10. When falling in love, look for value first and when getting married, look for family background first.

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