A 13-years old girl was Raped on her way home from school because of lack of transport.


What government is doing when it comes to school is totally unfair because it is still unknown why our government don't want to close primary schools but you will find Grade 8 to Grade 11 at home while primary school pupils are going to school. In some areas there are no transport for school pupils and this thing of suffering with transport is the reason why a 13-years old girl from Slagboom next to Lebotloane was raped on her way home from school. Government should close schools for all primary school pupils.

It will be better if government open all schools for all learners because this thing of going to school according to class time table won't work and maybe if this 13-years old girl was with a group of learners then maybe this thing was not gonna happen. As it is reported, the girl was with her classmate when a foreign man decided to come and rape this girl in the bush as they were going home.

The man reported to be a foreign man and as it is reported, the man also took the victim's cellphone. Government should open all schools before it is too late but they should also organise transport for all learners. 

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