How To Treat Gonorrhea Using Lime Juice And Salt


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Gonorrhea is a very serious disease affecting a lot of Ghanaian youths. One becomes affected with gonorrhea when he or she have an affair with an affected person. Some symptoms of gonorrhea are; painful urination, abnormal discharge from the private parts and blood in urine.

In this article, I bring to how to treat your gonorrhea by using lime juice and salt. Lime juice has been proven to cure a lot of diseases in recent times. Doctors and herbalist use it in treating most sicknesses.

How To Treat Gonorrhea With Lime Juice and salt

1. Roll four lime on table, continue to roll it till it becomes soft.

2. Cut the lime into two parts, squeeze them into a bowl and add a half teaspoon of salt to the lime juice. Stir well to mix.

3. Drink it twice a day.

After this, kindly visit your doctor for further check ups to see how you are faring.

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