Can you eat any of these New Fish Species, if someone cooks it for you?


New things are discovered in the course of human time on earth; New Animals, New Galaxies, and other things are being discovered in our adventure in life. There are new species of fishes that are recently discovered which some people consume but I don’t Nigerians can eat them. 

Prior to these discoveries, human beings are used to eating the following fishes:

Mackerel or Titus: It is known by most Nigerians as Titus, while others call it Eja Alaran. It is a firm, white fish usually with a strong flavor. It is usually being pickled or smoked (when smoked, Yoruba people call it Ofooro or Eja Yiyan) . Many people love to eat this type of fish. 

Cod: It is called Panla in Yoruba and the Igbos call it Okporoko. It is a flaky, white fish that is relatively easy to prepare. It is known to be a good source of phosphorus and Vitamin B-12. It is also high in protein but low in fat and calories. 

Herring: It is called Shawa in Yoruba Land. Herring also belongs to the sadine family and it has most of sardine nutritional benefits.

We also have Hake. It has a white flaky texture and has a mild tase. 

We also have Salmon fish, which is widely called Eja Osan among the Yoruba people

We also have Tuna. It is called Kote in Yoruba Land

We also have Stockfish which is called Eja Panla in Yoruba Land. 

There is also African Catfish; called Eja Aro in Yoruba Land.

There are many other types of fishes which have been accepted for consumption within and without Nigeria. Now, there are some fishes that have not been widely accepted for consumption but they are eatable. See their pictures below:

Share it to your friends and see if they can try them also.