Top 5 Handsome But Evil Movie Characters

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There are some movie characters that no matter how bad they are, one can not help but love them. This article is going to mention five handsome movie characters that are evil, and the readers are few to vote their favorite.

1 Klaus Mikaelsson: He is a movie character in the film production Vampire Diaries. This character also appeared in the hit vampire series The Originals. Klaus is an evil character who does not mind harming his family and loved ones just to get his way. However, Klaus is undeniably handsome in a dark and brooding way.

2 Loki: This character was in the movie Thor, and he is also Thor’s mischievous younger brother. Loki is Thor’s arch nemesis that is simply annoying. Loki is however good looking despite the fact that he is very evil.

3 James St Patrick: He is a character in the crime movie Power. James has an alluring look that paired with his amazing fashion sense makes him very attractive. Despite the fact that this character is a murderer, his appeal can not be hidden.

4 Killmonger: This role was played by Michael .B. Jordan, and he did it very well. Killmonger was the antagonist in the movie Black Panther who had come back to his homeland for revenge. Despite the fact that one would prefer Killmonger dead, it would be right to acknowledge the fact that he is very handsome.

5 Draco Malfoy: Fans of the Harry Potter movie franchise can remember this movie character. Draco was a fellow classmate of Harry Potter who made his life miserable throughout school. Regardless of the fact that Draco was a bully, he is still very handsome in his own right.

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