"2 Major Mistakes" that Teachers Should Not Do When Validating their Data On T-PAY System.

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Teachers who are employed under the umbrella of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) are required by the commission to validate their T-Pay details before the deadline. The validation of data on T-Pay system started on 9th June, 2022 and is set to end on 15th July 2022.

The T- Pay system is very crucial for teachers and other TSC employees as it handles teachers and secretariat Pay slips, P9 statements, control sheets , Third Party transactions, application and approval of Loans process. Validation of Teachers' data on T-Pay system is also useful to TSC as it help the Commission to enhance the security of Data of its employees.

In order to enhance the security of teachers' information in line with data protection, the teachers service commission requires all teachers who are employed under its umbrella to validate their data on T- Pay system before 15th July.

During validation of data on T-Pay system, teachers should try as much as possible to avoid doing the following;

a) Teachers should Avoid uploading a passport size of more than 5MB; The T-Pay system can only deal with photos that are less than 5MB in size. Ensure that your Uploaded photo clearly shows the face, without glasses or head- covered .

b) Teachers should avoid getting validation code Mismatch ; by not skipping important which is to upload a profile photo. Begin by uploading a good passport size photo which will serve as profile picture then proceed to validate your phone number.

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