Ladies Stop Doing Long Nails || See The Horrible Thing That Happened To Lamiez Holworthy Today

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Date : 28 May 2022

Lamiez Holworthy is popularly award winning South African Dj, entrepreneur, radio and television presenter. She is one of the influential musicians in the country who has already gained a large fan base in other countries. Over the past years, she worked so hard to ensure that she gets where she has always wanted. Growing up she used to see herself as one of the best female Dj's in the world. At this point we can say that she is living the life of her dream. She believed in herself and worked so hard to achieve her goals.

It's female celebrities like her who inspire young people who wish to see themselves in the media and entertainment industry.It is said that this industry is not for the faint hearted but Lamiez proved that work and dedication will always pay off. She is popularly known for being a presenter before it got off air. She has impressed a lot of people in the country even when presenting on Metro FM. Wherever she is, it is said that her performance always leave people impressed.

She is currently married to the popular award winning musician Khuli Chana. The couple has been married for over two years and their love for each other continues to grow. Although people are judgemental towards her. she is not focused on people's opinions about her. Some people used to body shame her and call her names. Others would say that she is not a suitable person for Khuli Chana but they forget that the heart chooses what it wants. The world knows her as the woman who is always ready to tell her voice. She does not hesitate to raise her voice even when she is being bullied.

She took it to social media today to reveal what happened with her long nails. We are living in a time where women prefer to have long nails but they seem to be forgetting that they can also be a danger to them. In the early hours of today Lamiez's nail broke and she hurt herself. Her finger was full of blood and had to get medical attention. This is just proving that people should try by all means to refrain from making long nails that will pose a threat to them. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news. To watch the video fully, follow the link below.

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