A Possible Punishment Raila Will Give To Junet To Save His Image (Opinion).

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There is a high chance that the former Prime Minister and ODM party leader Raila Odinga is going to make an immediate decision that will see him punish his close ally who is also the Suna East member of parliament Junet Mohammed. This comes at a time when the MP made a wrong move during a meeting that was held recently that saw him make utterances that would otherwise derail the better mobilization of people from certain parts of the country to vote for Raila in the next general elections.

In his statement, Junet had jokingly stated that when Raila wins elections, the government will be for the Nyanza people because of how long they have suffered. This has so far attracted numerous reactions from the opponents of the ODM party leader who have used as a chance to tarnish his good name during political campaigns.

It is without doubt that Raila is soon going to met the necessary punishment to Junet Mohammed for his way of making reckless speeches without analyzing the repercussions that will follow next. He will be forced to accept anything that Raila and his party leadership will do for him as long as their camp's reputation and that of the party is well taken care of.

A possible punishment that Raila is going to hand Junet is one that deals with denying him privileges to speak during important events especially those that bring together leaders from all parts of the country. His freedom of speech will immensely be reduced as long as Raila's good image is protected.

There is also high possibilities of the ODM party leader Raila Odinga instructing Junet to apologize publicly for the sentiments he made about Nyanza people owning the government when they get power. This is because Raila is known for being a democratic political leader who has always stood for equality of all citizens drawn from different regions of the country.

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