What is the penalty for having a yellow card and red card in EPL?

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Yellow card and red are penalty given in football as a from of warning for an act of misconduct. Yellow card is mostly given as a warning while red card is mostly given when a player or an official has to be punished for not adhering to warnings.

However, if a player is given 5 yellow card before the 19th games in the English Premier League, such player would be given a match ban. Also, a player who amazed up to 10 yellow card before week 32 will earn the player a 2 match ban. A total of 15 yellow cards in a season will result to a three match ban.

In the English Premier League, Dissent leading to a red card will generally earn a two-match ban, while violent conduct can be punished with a suspension for three games. Also, if a player is given a red card, the team can not make substitution until after two minutes.

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