Public Universities On Verge Of Closing Following Proposed Funding Formula Based On Performance

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Public Universities, whose graduates fail to secure jobs within a year after graduation, will face reduced cash flow from the government under the new funding formula based on the performance.

Graduates from various public Universities, have not been able to secure jobs in the job markets even after having stayed for long, thus the formula recommend by universities fund, which guides the allocation of state funds to public Universities is baced on five performance indicators, this includes absorption of an institutions graduates in the job markets, research and training on financial management for top officials.

"Performance based funding, is funding aimed at allocating a portion of universities education budget according to specific performance measures. It makes funding allocation more transparent and more competitive," UF's board says in the draft.

"The key performance indicators to be considered will be four_year graduation rate, graduate employment rate (one year after graduation) and research inputs."

The formula is aimed at reducing allocations to universities with courses that are not marketable in the job markets, this would automatically transform to closure of some campuses.A list of universities that have shut some of their campuses include Kisii,Laikipia,Moi, and Jomo Kenyatta University of agriculture and technology.

Furthermore, Kenya has experience a deficit of sh 6.2 billion in the year due in a bit to fund the universities, this has made the country come under pressure from the World Bank to close and merge some of Cash_strapped public Universities, due to duplication of courses and the need to cut spending.

Give your opinion on the decision taken by the government to cut short funding some universities under the proposed formula.

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