The Result Or Dangerous Effect Of Greed And Covetousness

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In the bible there was an account of a man called Gehazi who was a servant to Elisha the man of God. He served with Elisha his master just like Elisha did while with Elijah as Elijah's servant. However, why Elisha got a double portion of Elijah's anointing Gehazi couldn't, even though he was entitled to have gotten a double portion of Elisha's anointing and that signifying four times Elijah's kind of anointing. 

The scripture accounts for this story in 2nd Kings 5. The great Syrian Army commander, Naaman was sick with leprosy and when he came to Elisha, Elisha sent his servant to ask him to go seven times and wash himself in the Jordan river and afterwards, become clean.

At first the Army commander found it to be difficult and very humiliating, but however, he went after persuasion from one of his servants. After he did that, he returned being made whole. Naaman was very grateful and as a result offered money and lots of clothes to Elisha, but Elisha refused collecting them.

Against his master's wish, Naaman Elisha's servant became greedy and went back to collect the money. He told a lie using his master's name and therefore collected back the money for himself. 

The result of this was that, at the end Gehazi attracted a curse from his master who told him that Naaman's disease would come upon him and his generations and Gehazi became leprous as from that moment.

What we can observe is this, whereas Gehazi had a chance of obtaining his master Elisha spirit like Elisha did in his time, due to desiring to become like Elijah; Gehazi was rather mindful of his master's money and looking for ways to enrich himself and that caused him big trouble. 

Today, these act is still presently found among so many so called servants of God who are actually after the money they seek to gain and as a result, greed makes them to seek for opportunities to covet other people's properties.

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