Bad news for Muvhango fans

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Muvhango performers have uncovered that they have been home for seemingly forever without pay as the SABC (South African Broadcasting Commission) actually can't restore the soapies contract. 

Sowetan has uncovered that the arrangement between the soapie and the SABC completed mid-August and that the Word-of-Mouth Production performers and group have been on a creation break since. 

Four independent sources from the station communicated that Muvhango introduced all its important reports to the broadcaster in May. 

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Gugu Ntuli who is an agent at the channel recently communicated: 

"The SABC is completing dealings with Word-of-Mouth Production on another time of Muvhango." 

"The SABC can assert that Muvhango will continue to be conveyed on SABC2, Mondays to Fridays at 9 pm." 

Thanduxolo Jindela who is an agent at Word-of-Mouth Production suggested all requests to the broadcaster and communicated that they were believing that the station will complete the cycle. 


A couple of performers from the soapie said people are presently overwhelmed because they have been at home for a really long time and there are bonds and security to be paid toward the month's end. 

"It is a significant situation. Right when the show has been performing extraordinary you start inquiring as to whether the issue is with the creation house." 

.".. then again is the broadcaster basically being restorative anyway for what? " 

Another performer who expected to remain baffling said the best issue is that performers and the rest of the group will regardless have to hold on for the creation house to pick on the off chance that they get the understanding or not. 

The performer furthermore said they are worried about the creation people as they are suppliers. 

A third performer said they are crossing their fingers for the cycle to be shut speedy. 

"I'm stressed that the more I am sitting and not working, the situation will decay."

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