Reason Why Zoom Is The Most Powerful Yet Simple Video Conference Tool For Windows

Zoom is an easy- to- use video conferencing app and is available for Windows and all other common platforms- interesting as a Skype alternative in the home office or in distributed teams. Here' s how to use Zoom on Windows:

Zoom on Windows: How to register and install the software

Like other video conferencing and video chat apps, Zoom offers a free version and several payment models with different prices. When you register, you decide which functions you can use and to what extent.

The easiest way to use Zoom is to use the free version. You can use it to hold a video conference (Zoom calls this " hosting" ), so invite up to 100 people to take part. Participants do not need a Zoom account but must download the Zoom software.

You will find the " Free registration" button on the start page of the Zoom website. When you click on it, Zoom will first ask you for some information, such as your date of birth and your e- mail address. You will also be asked to assign a password. You can also log in with your Google or Facebook account.

You will first receive an email with a confirmation link that you have to click on.

After you click the link, Zoom will ask you to download and install the necessary software, the Zoom client for meetings. Download the file and run it. The Zoom client is a prerequisite for using Zoom.

Immediately afterwards, Zoom asks you to invite participants to a meeting. You can do this by providing the e- mail addresses of your team members or other desired participants. You can use it or skip it.

Your Zoom meeting, i. e. the video conference you have started, then starts immediately. You can now chat straight away or end the meeting and come back later.

As a participant in a video conference organized by you, you can join the conference directly from the e- mail, or click on the " Join a meeting" button on the Zoom website and enter the ID number of the video conference. This can be found in the email or received from your host. You do not need a user account with Zoom.

You can also go the other way around. To do this, first download the " Zoom Client for Meetings" software from the download area of the Zoom website and install it. When you open the software, it asks you to log in to your user account, set one up, or provide the ID number of a video conference you want to join.