Meet The Tallest Player In Nigeria Basketball Association From Dinka Tribe

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People from the Dinka Tribe are one of the tallest people we have in the world and one of them is this young man called Manute Bole, he is one of the tallest men in the Nigeria Basketball Association at seven feet, seven inches tall.

The Dinka Tribe are natives from South Sudan they have a large population abroad.

The Dinka people are usually based around the Nile in the region of Ghazal, Bahrel, and upper Nile, two out of these three provinces were located in Southern Sudan before and also in Abyei area in South Sudan.

This set of people usually practice pastoralism and traditional Agriculture. They usually rely on cattle husbandry, because they use cattle to perform rituals, for milk feedings and marriage dowries.

Bole is one of the best players in the history of sports, he is a great player who blocked many shots and scored many points also. In 2020, he was ranked 2nd in NBA (Nigerian Basket Ball Association) history for blocking many shots per game.

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