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How Nigerians and Americans react when you slap them.

Americans vs. Nigerians When your friends finds out that you have received your salary How do they even install these..

I think they install them and then build the ocean around it. That makes the most sense I think

I thank God that brought me into this world, but for the Angel that directed me to Nigeria, I have nothing to tell you, till we meet.

what is this again English teacher: Repeat after me "Three witches wished three wishes but which witch knows which wish which witch wish

Me:When you take a risk for five minutes of extra sleep at 7:45 am, and then wake up at 10:20 am..

In Nigeria everything is just abnormal. Can you imagine, gutter is now the road while the road is now the gutter. Class ends at 5:00

Back benchers at 4:45.

I can relate

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