OPINION: Stop Saying "I'm Sorry", It Sounds Local, Use These Words Instead


In our Everyday lives we learn new things, if they are not words they will be new knowledge either way we have to know new things everyday single day. In today's article, we would be looking at several ways which you can say the word "I'm sorry" without using the actual word.

This is to build your vocabularies up, you don't necessarily have to adapt to this new language you can continue with your usual language. But if you wish to change your style you can use any of these words listed below and make sure you use them rightly too. In our community today when someone you offend someone it will be very difficult to release the word "I'm sorry", saying I'm sorry could be difficult for some people.

1. My Apologies

This is obviously the perfect replacement for the word I'm sorry, you use this word when you know that you wrong someone but unintentionally. There are many examples to this words an example here is, My apologies, but your order will not arrive until Tomorrow.

2. My Bad

The word "My Bad" already defines itself, you should use this one when you know that you're the cause of someone's problems. When you know that it's all your fault that someone will have to go through a difficult situations. Example, I lost the book you lent me yesterday. My Bad! I'll get you a replacement by tomorrow.

3. Excuse Me

We normally use Excuse me when we have to leave in a gathering or on the dinning table when we do something messy. But you can also use it in place of I'm sorry, when you are unfamiliar with the rules of an organization or an establishment. Example, Excuse me, i didn't realize the wearing glasses was impolite in this place.

4. Pardon/Pardon Me/I Beg Your Pardon

We use these words especially when you have to recalled what the initial words someone had said.

Will you adapt to any of these new words? You don't necessarily have to use these words it's just for your knowledge.

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