Here are the most beautiful places in Croatia. Why Croatia should be your destination Hot Spot.

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Croatia is one of the architecturally rich cities in the world. From pictures perfect beaches, vineyards,lush forests, photogenic hills and long dazzling coastlines. You are never far from a beautiful scenery whether you choose to explore offshore or the land. 

1. Plitvice Lakes. 

Comprised of 16 cascading lakes and waterfalls, Croatia’s most famous UNESCO listed national park is a must see. The place is just beautiful no matter the time or season the country is in. 

Zlatni Rat Brac. 

This beach stretches almost half a kilometer into the Adriatic Sea. The tip of the beach changes shape with the waves and ocean currents. The beach which is often referred to as the golden cape or the golden horn because of it’s unusual shape, is the 3rd best beach destination in Europe. 


Alongside with Dubrovnik, Rovinj is the most photographed town. The town is full of Venetican houses squeezing down to it’s water edges and its sight is full of romance and intrigue. 


Here you will find lush green grass, stunning bays and natural harbors. The scenic island is home to Mali Losinj resort. Everything from the indented coastline to the endemic plant species are best enjoyed from the top of St Ivan Mt. 


As you enter this city, you will definitely understand why this city is listed as one of the most beautiful in the world. Game of thrones was shoot in this particular city. Dubrovnik is most famous for its shining streets and panoramic ocean views. To get the best view of this old town with striking architecture you can go at the top of Srd Mountain. 


It is made up of 140 islands. Sailing there is only done by private yachts, small vessels or small cruise ships. Packed with towers that are as high as 262 feet above sea level and blissful blue and endless sea, this is one very beautiful island to check into while in the country. 


The most beautiful sunset in the world is experienced here. It has been the center of Dalmatia both culturally and politically. This is where the oldest universities foundation in the land can be found. It also has many archeological sites and the first paper in the Croatian language was printed here. 

Those are some of the reasons why Croatia should be your next vacation hot spot.

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