She Drew A Photo Of Her Dream To Buy A 2021 Kia GT K5 In Faith And After A Few Months She Bought It


From your diary or vision board to real life, you can create the life you dream of, only if you go out to chase it with the last pennies in your account. I am following this really cool blog on Instagram. They feature successful young entrepreneurs chasing their dreams and breaking records, and so today they posted a young woman who got herself a brand new 2021 Kia GT K5. That dream of hers was drawn on her vision board and she manifested it.

Aironna is a small scale Protective hairstylist and Educator based in Lafayette, LA. She has been hair dressing for a few years now and her works is enough to let you know she has some expertise. Her braids are so neat you would think she learned her art in Harvard.

And so Aironna has always wanted to get herself a beautiful Kia motor. She had the perfect one in mind and it was color white. She wanted this car so bad, she worked for it. First she added it to her vision board. Her vision board held so many of her dreams including all the countries she wishes to go on a vacation.

On that board, she cut out the photo of her dream Kia motor and pasted it there and set out to work. God is good. He sent the customers. It may have taken time but in the end, she got that car of her dream. Now you know Kia Motors don't play. They are so beautiful, you might fall in love by looking at it for too long.

And this may be just another sign for you to write out your dream and set a deadline. Mona Kattan, one of the founders of Huda Beauty once posted a quote from Greg Reid that said-

" A dream written down with a date becomes a goal

A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan

A plan backed up by action makes your dream come true "

It may be a getting that car brand you have always admired from childhood. It may be your education. It maybe a goal for your business you want to crush. You name it. But where do you stand in Greg Reid's quote?

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