Armed Al Shabaab Militants Have Attacked Two Public Buses.


Tragedy in Ola and Samania, Mandera county. Two public buses have been attacked by armed Al Shaabab.

The incident has been confirmed by Khamasi Shivogo, Banisa police boss. According to him, the two incident have occurred in the mid day. The armed Al Shaabab militants attacked the two buses on two different occasions.

Fortunately no one's life has been claimed in the attack. About ten people have sustained serious injuries. At Ola, the driver tried a bid by speeding off from the Al Shabaab militants but ended up losing control.

These in turn resulted to the bus over tuning hence causing injuries to the ten passengers. Unfortunately all the Al Shaabab militants have managed to escape. But the police officers are tracking them down. So far two police officers have been injured in their current mission.

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