Here Is How A R5 Coin Saved Someone's Life.

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Cape Town - A lady, who was shot in the chest, might be dead today were it not for a R5 coin she had in her pocket.

The 28-year-elderly person, who has since been released from medical clinic, was struck by a wanderer projectile in sixteenth Avenue, Leonsdale, on Sunday.

An occupant says: "The lady was most certainly not the objective in this occurrence, she truth be told is fortunate to be alive.

"Things might have been more terrible, in case she didn't have that coin. Basically she has now been delivered to mend at her home."

The man says individuals should quit strolling around when they hear shots.


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"We want to alert individuals not to proceed to look when hoodlums begin shooting.

"They don't have an objective now and then, they arbitrarily shoot and this is the means by which these criminals work.

"It doesn't matter to them who is in their manner when they begin shooting. This is strange ordinariness.

"Individuals need to get to a place of refuge when we hear shots, stay away when you see hoodlums approach, and this is the senseless season when individuals get out of hand."

Cops say they are exploring an instance of endeavored murder.

SAPS representative Wesley Twigg clarifies: "Elsies River police are exploring the conditions encompassing a shooting occurrence on Sunday at around 2.50pm in sixteenth Avenue Leonsdale, where a 28-year-old female was shot and injured.


"An endeavored murder case agenda was opened for examination.

"Elsies River police were called to the crime location and were informed that the casualty was taken to a clinical office in a private vehicle.

"The rationale in the shooting is obscure.

"The suspects ran away from the area and are yet to be captured.

"Anybody with any data about this occurrence can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111."

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