End your weekend with these funny pictures


How do you all cope with stress? What is your remedy for swerving the stress which comes by during tiring moments? I know some people tend to stop whatever they are doing at that particular moment and go straight into relaxation, other people also have known only one remedy for stress and that is music.

Well, I am going to expose you to a remedy you probably haven't taken into consideration. I am sure you are probably wondering about what this solution might be. Let me take you straight to the solution, the answer to this unsolved mystery is laughter.

You may not have taken into consideration laughter at tiring moments but trust me, it is very true when people say laughter is medicine.

Basically, laughter boosts up the immune system as well as the mood of the person in the act. It is said to diminish pain and also protects people from the damaging effects stress is likely to cause by causing a reduction or an inhibition in the stress hormones.

These numerous benefits influenced the thought of me putting up together this article. This article is going to be based on five funny pictures which is going to see you laugh.

Normally, I do post more than five pictures when it comes to articles like these because laughter is relative. What I think might be funny might not be same in one's sight and therefore I loved posting numerous pictures in laughter related articles because even if a person does not find about five funny, the remaining ones would definitely be funny to them.

Well, I can no more give you many pictures like before due to some restrictions and so, I did my possible best to find pictures which I think will trigger laughter in most of you. They are just five and I really hope will help get your ribs to work.

Take a look at them below;

1. When I thought I had seen it all, this goat walked right into my face and told me I was deceiving myself. Just look at how unconcerned and disrespectful it is over here. I wonder how it is coping with the heat on the metallic lid. This little goat is the G.O.A.T (Greatest OF All Time)

2. Look at this picture below and tell me what it reminds you of. Well, for me, it reminds me of the good old days in the early 2000's and in the boarding school when we could eat together as a group. There were some people who had spoons with them wherever they went.

The funny thing about these people was that their money never went into providing the food but they were the ones who ate the most. Some even took ladles along with them.

3. Who can relate to this picture? I don't know why tailors and seamstresses cannot tell us the truth about when they are going to get our clothes done when we take it to them. They are known for disappointing us on the final day. Well, this guy over here was no longer taking those excuses.

4. There are some pictures which triggers laughter upon first sight and I think this is one of them. Looking at his face, you can tell he's really hungry. He has got bread but nothing to add to the bread hence he decided to go in for a detergent.

5. I wonder the strength this tricycle has. So the owner of this tank never thought of using any transport system but this little tricycle. What had this tricycle done to deserve this?

This is where I end it all, I really hope at least three of these pictures did make you laugh. You can let me know what you think about this article in the comment section. Please be honest, don't praise me if you really need to criticize me.

Your criticisms are certainly going to point out where I got it wrong so that I will know how to go about such articles the next time I get my hands on them. Thank you for staying with me, don't forget to hit the follow and like buttons for more.

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