I am Single Because I Fear Ladies - Why Fan Comments On Pulse Ghana's Post


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Pulse Ghana made a post on its official instagram page and its followers could not scroll or skip without sharing their opinions. This post by pulse ghana is one of the teasers they post to entertain and receive opinions from their followers. 

This time around, their post was a question relating to relationship "WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE? " 

Few minutes after this post, their followers started sharing their opinions and ideas as to why they are still single. Check out the comments below

This comment came from @Arisghanadesigns, who is popurlaly known for creating awesome flyers/poster at relatively lower fee, "After 1 bounce p3, Adey fear ladies". @arisghanadesigns comments seem very funny as everyone would wonder why a guy could stay single just after one proposal rejection.

Below are some other comments

You can spot from the above comments that most of the comments were about money "I don't have money". So could money be the main reason why people are still single? Your opinions are welcomed, share your views or thoughts with us at the comment section below and don't forget to like and share this article please. Thank you. 

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