Millionaire Baby steps: Easy Sources Of Income This Pandemic


The Covid-19 pandemic has woken up many people to realize that economic stability is beyond a well-paying Job and some saving in your bank account. The strive rather is to create a good Passive income that can stand a pandemic rather than finding a good Job. Here are some good passive income ideas that most people have resorted to this pandemic.

1)Online Content Creating

Almost everybody is creative , and online content creating  has proven to be a booming industry in the digital space. Be it Podcasting, Blogging, vlogging . Social Media apps like YouTube are paying content creators very Well.

2) The Forex Market

Little is known about this but actually most people are doing it this pandemic. Forex involves online trading on Currencies, Stocks , indexes and Metals.


Many people are offering services online as freelancers. It has proven to be a good source of income. You can be an academic writer or run a successful online consultation space.