WAEC Exams: Two Important Things Every WAEC Student Needs To Do Whille Waiting For Waec Exams


With enough observations, Nigerians don’t think that schools will still resume this month, For WAEC students to be on a safer side, we suggest they start working and learning on their own so that they can still be able to retain their knowledge. As the whole situation of things is right now, West Africa examination (WAEC) might still be postponed till further notice. We decided to bring up this information as a suggestion to all Nigerian students so that they will try to follow it up and not be able to lack behind whenever they want to partake on their Waec exams.

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In this post, we will be sharing two things that every waec student should follow while awaiting on the federal government of Nigeria to bring up a conclusive date in which they will be allowed to come out and partake on their waec examination.

Below are the two things every waec student should do while waiting for their exams 

1. Reading books

students that will write their waec exams are highly advised to make sure that they are reading their books regularly while they stay at home and observe things. Without them taking their studies serious while they are still at home, I am afraid they might end up having carryovers in their upcoming Waec exams.

2. Going to the library

libraries will be the only suitable place where students can stay and obtain some self-education on their own during this period. It is advisable for all waec students to start going to the library as well.


Waec students are now advised to make sure they follow up on all these guidelines that was shared above so that they don’t end up having carryovers in their exams.

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