Ken Agyapong's chairmanship for the defence and interior committee is bizarre. Change him now.


Politics is a complex business, so we are told. The reason why we might never understand fully some political decisions of the ruling elite. For instance, without any prejudice, the thinking behind making the member of Parliament for Asin central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong the Chairman of the defence and interior select committee of the August house could never make sense no matter how it is explained. 

The irony of the decision is embedded in the kind of man we are talking about vis-√†-vis the mandate of the committee. Don't get it twisted. We are not making a judgment call on his character, we simply do not think he has the emotional intelligence to steer the affairs of this particular committee in the interest of the state. 

In the 7th Parliament, Hon Kennedy Agyapong was chairman for the communication committee. Nobody had problems with that. For this particular portfolio, however, there are reasons why he might not be fit for purpose. 

The Committee on Defence and the Interior consist of eighteen Members have the responsibility of examining all questions relating to defence and internal affairs. They also have an oversight duty on the Defence and interior ministries. 

All the security services of Ghana come directly under this two ministries; defence and interior. By extension, Kennedy Agyapong's committee is the legislatures' tool for checking all the activities of the Police, armed forces, National Security, immigration service etc. Think about this for a minute. 

If you still find nothing wrong with that, then let us look at the Chairman. Kennedy Agyapong is so volatile, character wise. The list of his indiscretions when it comes to issues with these security institutions are endless. We believe strongly that, all the ingredients needed to steer the affairs of this important committee successfully cannot be found with the current Chairman; the moral turpitude and integrity of character. 

Perhaps, this is part of a grand scheme by him to become more untouchable. He knows himself, and would want to be in this position to be able to control the security forces.

Just yesterday, Ken led the committee to pay a working visit to the Ghana Police headquarters in Accra. Guess what, he was introducing himself to these men in uniform. They will now be more cautious in dealing with all matters involving him. 

If you still don't get it, this is another typical scenario; while Kennedy Agyapong and other members of his committee were meeting the top police hierarchy at the headquarters as the man with oversight responsibility for the police, the Multimedia group were at the same headquarters lodging a criminal complaint against him for threatening to harm a journalist. 

The man is unfit for this position. That point cannot be overemphasized. I rest my case.


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