Reasons Why Muslims In Southwest Gather To Worship On Sunday (Opinion)

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I saw an article on this platform about Assalatu which is usually organized on Sunday by the Muslims in the Southwest.

The author of the article is of the view that organizing such Islamic gathering on Sunday is not Islamic. He said such practice is among the warnings of Prophet Mohammed not to imitate the ways of Christians.

I read a lot of comments but there's one comment that actually caught my attention. It is on this comment I am going to draw my opinion.

One reader, a Muslim from the north, said Assalatu that is usually held on Sunday is a Yoruba Muslim practice, not the whole Muslims' affairs generally. I totally agree with the guy because I stayed in the core north for good 8 years where Islam is practised strictly, and I have never seen any Muslim gathering on Sunday all in the name of Assalatu.

Muslim in the north fully recognize Sunday as Christian's day. They hardly do anything Islamic on that day. On that same Sunday, you will see traders and business owners doing their normal transactions on that day.

It is a known fact that the Yoruba tribe has a very high degree of tolerance when it comes to religious differences. In a household, you can see three different religions being practiced by members, yet there is peace among them. Muslims do follow Christians to church and Christians do celebrate festive periods with the Muslims.

However, in the course of following the Christians to church on Sunday, some of the Muslims who are not strong in faith might get converted. So, the Imams felt the best way to curb this is to organize Assalatu on Sunday so that the Muslims will not have time to follow them to church on Sunday.

What do you have to say? Do you have any other reasons apart from my opinion?

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