I'm A Christian Living in A Muslim Community, But My Neighbors Protect Me -Woman Narrates

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In a recent interview with the Christian newspaper Christian Voice, Juliana Alao described how several of her neighbors in a Muslim-dominated village sacrificed their lives to save her life. During a recent interview with Premium Times, the native of Oyo State told why she chose to live in the Gangere community in Plateau state following a series of crises and attacks there.

Throughout Nigeria, religious differences have been a source of contention on a number of occasions. But a nurse named Juliana is sharing her story in the intention of educating Nigerians about religious tolerance and love, according to the New York Times.

Juliana described her experience in the following words: "This state is home to several members of my family, and I've been urged to leave the Gangere community. Following the initial crisis, I made an attempt to leave the community. I went on a quest for a new house and shop. My spirit, on the other hand, implored me not to leave. Whenever there is a commotion in the state, my neighbors strongly advise me not to travel into town for my own safety. My loved ones would tell me that they care about me and that they do not want anything bad happen to me. When I have a disagreement with someone, others of the community rally behind me to help me resolve it. During a crisis, a Yoruba woman was rescued by members of the community. She claimed to be a tourist, yet she was a complete stranger to me at the time. As a result of her fear, she made up the story that she was a visitor."

Juliana went on to say the following in additional detail: "It comes to mind that during one of the crises, a group of young men attempted to pillage my store. Two elderly men lay on the ground before my shop, warning the assailants that they would have to kill them before they could get close to my business. In addition, they warned the lads that they should not do any further damage. Community youngsters frequently chastise any member of the community who suggests that I should not dwell in the region because of my religious beliefs."

The Gangere settlement is located inside the Jos North Local Government Area, and Juliana has been a resident of the community for more than 25 years.

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