Tension High In Mt. Kenya As Martha Karua Awakens DCI Kinoti, CS Matiangi To Intervene


Residents of the Mount Kenya region are leaving in fear over the latest revelations. According to Nation News, there is a group that is mushrooming. The group is alleged to be Muguki which is causing more pain among the women.

As stated by the Nation News, the group is allegedly forcing ladies to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). The majority of women in the region are unsettled due to this inhuman act.

Honorable Martha Karua has sent a powerful message to Director of Criminal Investigation Kinoti and Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi. The leader has requested them to move in with speed to same the helpless resident out of the jaw of lions who were too forcefully to damage their body.

As we approach the next general elections, the DCI and CS Matiangi should put more effort into strengthening our security across the country so that they can dismantle the incoming Mungiki.

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