Scholarship For Cococa Farmers Children: I Look Forward To Gov't Implementing My Policy - Chief


Barima Ampem Darko I, chief of Awuronsua in the Akyem Abuakwa traditional Area in the eastern region has expressed his gratitude in government for accepting his policy on scholarship for cocoa farmers children.

However, he prays government implements the policy as soon as possible to provide some relief from the poor and ordinary cocoa farmers.

In an interview with the media, Barima Ampem Darko I revealed that he shares in the grief and struggles of cocoa farmers in preparation to provide education for their children.

In view of this he enacted a policy; scholarship for cocoa farmers children and that policy has been accepted by government.

"Cocoa farming is difficult and the income is seasonal. What worries me more is that the education of cocoa farmers children is very low so I wrote a policy on scholarship for cocoa farmers children. I was happy to hear president has accepted my policy and even more glad when he announced it during farmer's day. All I pray for is it's implementation." - Barima Ampem Darko I said.

Barima Ampem Darko I has ruled Awuronsua in the Atiwa East district in the eastern region for 28 years, and he's now worried because the Prof Kwesi Yankah who facilitated the process is no more in the current administration.

"Prof Yankah facilitated the acceptance of the policy but now he's no more in the President's administration so I don't know who to turn to." - chief stressed.

It has been said that education is the key to success and virtually everyone is doing everything possible to provide the necessary education for their children.

However, the cost of education in Ghana is on the increase especially in the tertiary institutions. While some can easily afford the fees, most are denied access to the tertiary institutions due to poverty.

By: Nana Gyasi