'Hubby Was Violent Starved Us And Cheated On Me, But This Bible Verse Made Me Stay' Woman Confesses


At the tender of age of 19 Veronica Mburu got married to a 23 year old man. Despite both of them being quite young, they managed to have a happy marriage.

They were blessed with four children before her hubby turned an alcoholic. He cheated on her with a bar maid who he moved in with. At some point, Veronica would stay for a whole month without seeing him. This went on for 4 years.

“My husband would starve me and the children, beat me and lock is out of the house then proceed to the other woman's house to spend for the night" Veronica Confessed.

This caused her to sink into major depression and at some point contemplated murdering her kids then committing suicide.

They reconciled with her husband after four years of his promiscuities. Today they live happily as he is turned a new life. She advises women to persevere violent men and instead combat them in prayer quoting the Bible verse Proverbs 14:1.

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