Allegedly ANC wants to retrench its workers

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For some months now, the African National Congress (ANC) has been on news for its financial troubles. African National Congress has been failing to pay its employees.

Although there were several attempts by African National Congress National Executive Council to source some money to pay its employees, it seems like nothing good has come out of it.

African National Congress (ANC) employees haven’t been paid since October 2021 and say they’re uncertain if they will get their money before good Friday.

The African National Congress has been urged to immediately start retrenching staff to restore the party's financial health and this was shared by one of close comrade.

TimesLIVE newspaper has learnt through three independent sources that a debate ensued at its national executive committee meeting which was held last week about how the bloated staff and ‘ghost workers’ were the biggest contributor to its financial woes.

Now the party which is the ruling party, which has the mandate to defend employees retrenchment want to retrench, this says a lot about the status qou of Employment in the republic of South Africa, no one is safe.


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